Monday, March 30, 2009


Kate has tagged me! Now lets get Get Things Started!

Full Name: Hannah Leigh Fox
Age: 13
Date Of Birth: March 27 1996

Place Of Birth: N Ireland
Hair Color: Ligh Brown
Eye Color: Blueish Gray

Height: Around 5"4
Gender: female
Hometown: Well I live in Taylorsville now

Now that we've covered the basics, How about some favorites?

Color: Pink Lime Green And Orange
Number: 13 And IDK
Team: Tar Heels
Month: March And July
Sport: I Love All Sports

Flavor: Fruit
State: North Carolina
Letter: H
Pizza: Any
Band: IDK I like to many
Place: Home
Soda: Mnt Dew
Cookie: Chocolate Chip

Lets Talk About Your Friends

Who's your best friend: Kaitlen She is Awsome
Longest friend: Kaitlen
Who do you have the most inside jokes with: Kaitlen Haha
Tallest friend: Um I Am A Little Bit Taller Than All My Friends
Longest hair: IDK
shortest hair: IDK Again
darkest hair: Kaitlen

lightest: Me lol

Your Room?
How many posters are on your wall: None
What color are your walls: I have panel right now
How big is your bed: Twin
What color are the sheets: Pink
Do you have a TV in your room: Yes
What about a computer: No

What do you see when you open your closet door: Alot Of Stuff Lol
How many stuffed animals do you have: Alot
Do you have a desk: No
Who was the last person on your bed: Me

go to your friends/blog link list, and close your eyes, and touch 3 people. those will be who you tag. who did you touch: Kaitlen, 2 sisters, Kimberly

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